Le Monde Diplomatique / Ohr an Ohr

This page for the newspaper is a short story about communication and the idea that it could be more easy to hear the thoughts and wishes from the other person directly from "ear to ear" and not the spoke words. Maybe there would be less missunderstanding in relationships. It is about stop talking and start listening. The original illustration is handprinted as an 2 colored lino cut.


EAR BY EAR                                                                    
There was once a girl 
with extremly big ears 
and there was also a boy with extremly big ears.
Still they could not hear extremly well.
Not one word from each other they did understand.
Sad was it to see them.
Then the girl had an idea -
she went really close to the boy and put one of her ears on top on his ear.
Ear by ear they tried now to listen to what the other was thinking.
Both smiling now.

translated by Mia-Marina Maganic